Grilled ostrich

a particular taste

Being a highly prized meat, small precautions are necessary to avoid damaging it during cooking, compromising its characteristic tenderness. In fact it gives its best when quickly seared on the grill or plate.

ostrich meat

Some tips to enjoy it at its best:

  • the recommended cut is the thigh cut into bite-sized pieces even if the fillet and the pulp, decidedly expensive, are the most succulent; the meat must be very fresh, not frozen because it loses some of its taste
  • if the cut is large it should be removed from the fridge an hour before cooking and cooked on the BBQ, while for steaks it takes 15 minutes out of the fridge and a few minutes on the grill
  • avoid pricking the meat and serving it rare
  • spread on the hot grill or better on cast iron plates to ensure that the very quick cooking retains the juices inside, making it very soft and sweet because it is rich in glycogen

As a side dish, we recommend cooked or raw red radicchio, rocket and bitter roots to create a fabulous contrast and, as a wine, a new red.


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