Grilled peppers

maybe Carmagnola peppers

First of all, we choose fresh seasonal peppers, with a bright color to obtain perfectly roasted peppers, which have no bad smell, whose stalk is deep green and which do not naturally have bruises on the skin. Wash them whole, including the stalk, under plenty of cold water.

Place them on a very hot grill, turning them often until they have some dark spots; remove them from the heat as soon as you start to see the signs of the grill, so as not to dry them too much but only to soften them completely. Let's turn them with a pair of BBQ gloves, always provided with them, on the side of the stem avoiding to pierce them. grilled peppers

It will take about 40/45 minutes to cook over a very low heat, depending on the size of the pepper, even an hour for those from Carmagnola which are huge!

As soon as they are cooked, put them in a food bag and close it with its string: leave them inside for 15 minutes to form steam that will help us peel them easily.

Let's open them halfway and get rid of the seeds!

Prepare an emulsion in a bowl by mixing aromas with extra virgin olive oil and brush the freshly grilled peppers. Consume them immediately hot, after a couple of days if placed in the fridge or keep them in glass jars cut into slices, in virgin olive oil or freezing them for about a year in order to have a large supply during the cold season!


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