Grilled sausages

inevitable protagonists of the barbecues

The salamella ... a delicacy and a delicacy cooked on the grill.

Of any type, given its cheapness, it is bought in abundance but the appearance of easy cooking is to be dispelled. In fact, there are very specific rules to follow in order not to "ruin" them:

  • The sausage should not be pierced or even cut in half before putting it on the fire, as it would lose its succulent juices which, falling on the embers, would create flames, which would burn it.
  • remove the string to prevent it from catching fire
  • do not salt
  • put it on the grill by turning it four times patiently waiting for the fat to melt inside: once removed from the fire at the first hole it will gush its fat and the sausage will be cooked to perfection!

Tip: accompany cold meats with cold beer!

salamelle grill


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