Pork chop

how much to cook on the BBQ and how much to rest

Pork chop is a steak on the bone, which is obtained from the loin with the bones of the ribs still attached, to which a large external fat is left which keeps the meat soft during cooking.

pork chops

You want because the cost is lower than the beef, you want it because the cut is perfectly proportioned for one person, the chop invites to make happy barbecues in the company of many people.

Unfortunately, apparently simple cooking must instead follow some basic steps.

It is necessary to remove the meat from the fridge a few hours before cooking it, dry the meat well, brush with a very thin layer of extra virgin olive oil and turn often to uniform the cooking. During cooking, flames will develop due to the fat that melts and falls on the fire: you must immediately move the steak to not burn it!

When the internal temperature reaches 75 degrees, the chop is cooked ... a few minutes standing on the bone and now it is really ready to be eaten.

You can also cook the whole sirloin with the BBQ: with a slow and moderate cooking we will obtain, cutting it, a tasty chop.


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