Grilled zucchini

choosing the fresh and not frozen product

First of all, let's choose fresh seasonal zucchini, wash them under cold water and cut them into slices of about ½ centimeter without peeling them.

raw zucchini to be grilled

Let's place them on the grill for five minutes on each side and remove them as soon as you start to see the grill marks, so as not to dry them too much. Prepare an emulsion in a bowl, mixing aromas with oil and vinegar and garlic cut into small pieces, which we will brush on the grilled zucchini.

The mint marinade that can replace parsley is also the TOP served on hot zucchini.

Eat them 1 or 2 hours later to let the marinade absorb or keep them in jars in virgin olive oil or freeze them for the cold season!

grilled zucchini


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