Differences BBQ gas and coal

pros and cons between the two types of cooking

charcoal barbecue

The BBQ can be gas or charcoal, hard coal, burnt wood and wood of various types (eg olive tree).

There are different types of charcoal BBQs:

  • They are distinguished by price.
  • The charcoal BBQ gets very hot.
  • is more difficult to clean due to the ash.
  • Leaves a good smoky flavor based on the wood used.
  • it is unfortunately difficult to keep the temperature constant.
  • What's more fun for a man than playing with fire?
barbecue gas

Gas BBQs are:

  • More expensive, although in this type there are different types.
  • Tools composed of several parts and therefore more complex and subject to breakage.
  • Easier to clean.
  • More convenient in the preparation phase for cooking which is quicker.


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