Beef steak fiorentina

how to choose and how to cook it

Grilled Florentine, what goodness! But certain rules must be respected if we want to enjoy it perfect:

fiorentina steak
  • Remove the meat from the fridge 3 - 4 hours before placing it on the boiling grill in order not to risk the "boiled" taste caused by excessive changes in temperature, ie the so-called "Maillard reaction" chemical process from which the brown color is obtained.
  • Dry the meat well before putting it on the stove
  • Massage the Florentine steak with an invisible layer of extra virgin olive oil before placing it on the grill to make the meat more crunchy and easier to turn on the grill.
  • Calculate the right distance between meat and embers. Assuming a 1.5 kg Florentine steak and generous embers, the grill must be positioned at about 10/12 cm. away
Florentine steak t bone

To determine the degree of cooking we use a thermometer, preferably a probe; if you want to taste the Florentine rare, the core temperature will be 55 ° C, 65 ° C for medium cooking and 75 ° C to get it well cooked.

Florentine steak on bone

Absolutely do not pierce the meat because the liquids so precious for cooking and for taste would come out. There are two currents of thought as regards salting and adding pepper: before or after cooking (both valid). < p>

cooked florentine

Wines to match

We combine an excellent, indeed a superb, red wine such as Barbaresco, Chianti Classico, Aglianico, Montepulciano d'Abruzzo and Rosso di Montalcino and enjoy your meal!

Maillard, French doctor

He studied how amino acids, which make up proteins, react with the sugars contained in cells and when they cook they give meat that beautiful golden color. Beef contains sufficient sugars for this reaction to occur while for other types of meat you can resort to marinades, wine or anything that contains sugar.


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