Grilled Squids

recognize the freshness of the cuttlefish

Let's start by cleaning the sepia.

After washing it upside down under running water, let's put it on a work surface to divide the head from the body and the tentacles from the head.

grilled cuttlefish
  • We remove the famous “cuttlefish bone” with our fingers and extract the entrails; remove the skin from the cuttlefish and continue by removing the beak from the head and cutting the eyes with scissors.
  • Let's pay attention and remove the ink pouch trying not to break it.
  • We wash again under water, let it drain and go and pat everything with absorbent paper.
  • Let the grill heat up very well and in the meantime we are going to engrave the outline of the cuttlefish with a sharp knife so that it does not roll up during cooking for a couple of minutes.

Season with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. and a slice of lemon!


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