Barbecue with lid

six good reasons to choose it

carre carne barbecue bbq

Cooking meat in a BBQ with a lid has numerous advantages:

  • The temperature is constant and the food cooks gently on the outside and evenly inside.
  • Closing the BBQ allows you to cook the meat indirectly by placing the meat on the opposite side of the heat. This allows the large pieces of meat to remain juicy and tender.
  • It can be smoked using the right woods and with a high intensity of smoke: this type of cooking produces very tasty and very tender foods.
  • The inlet and outlet air flows can be adjusted while maintaining the desired temperature.
  • The creation of flames is prevented or limited
  • Finally you can experiment with new recipes: from pizza to first courses, to smoking.

XXL sizes

Cooking can be adjusted as in the oven but with all the advantages of the barbecue. For this type of cooking it will be important to choose the meat and fish in suitable cuts. In short, no skewers and ribs but whole fish, large fillets or whole parts.


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