Grilled seabass

firm and tasty meat adapts to all preparations

To prepare the grilled sea bass you must first clean it by removing the entrails, cut the two pectoral fins and the dorsal one then, with the back of a knife, remove the scales and wash it under cold running water. Then dry it with house paper inside and out.

grilled sea bass

Meanwhile, prepare the finely chopped parsley and garlic with extra virgin olive oil, i.e. the marinade with which to brush the fish and put it to rest in the fridge for 30 minutes.

We rub the grill with a light layer of oil to ensure that the fish does not stick and let it take heat: place the fish and as soon as the eye becomes white, turn it to the other side, being careful not to damage the skin .

Let's salt and season with lemon slices, accompanying it with baked potatoes or grilled vegetables!


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