The main cuts of beef

each recipe has its favorite cut

Each part of the beef has its own cut and each cut has its ideal preparation. Often even the lesser known cuts can give great satisfaction, there are not only ribs and Florentine.

Let's look at the 15 main cuts that can be made from a beef.

cuts beef meat
  • 1 Neck , its meat is very tasty, it is made up of a large muscle mass divided into two parts: the upper one is lean and the lower one tinged with fat. Traditionally it is used for boiled meats, stews and meatballs.
  • 2 Braciole , can be used by wrapping the cut in aluminum foil and placing it under the embers.
  • 3 Cover / Shoulder , front cut ideal for boiled meat and stew, or smoked in the long-cooking smoker.
  • 4 Girello / shoulder and thigh , considered a second category cut, the part of the muscle is semitendinosus. Very suitable for the preparation of roasts.
  • 5 Under the shoulder , cut suitable for boiled meats or slow cooking.
  • 6 Breast , sliced ​​from broth arroti or slow cooking in a smoker.
  • 7 Shoulder fesona , has nothing to envy to the rear cuts. Clean and cut lengthwise it is suitable for steaks. Ground is ideal for burgers.
  • 8 Real / Broken cut , intercostal and great dorsal muscles up to the fifth vertebra.
  • 9 Belly / Ugly and good , third category fat cut and furrowed with cartilage. Carefully prepared, it is suitable for meatballs, meat sauce and hamburgers.
  • 10 Loin / Sirloin , first category fine cut. When the loin is whole on the inverted T-bone and as far as the opposite fillet meets, you have the classic Florentine steak. If the loin is boneless it is the classic roast beef, which the British prefer cooked while the Italians rare.
  • 11 Fillet , the part considered the most precious and noble, is found under the loin. The central part for medallions is suitable for steaks, the final part for minion fillets and morsels. From the bovine it is possible to obtain two fillets with a total weight of about 5-6 Kg.
  • 12 Rump / sirloin thick , first class cut from the area near the hip. Suitable for steaks in the best parts, it is also excellent for stews and roasts.
  • 13 Inner rump - Outer rump , fine cut, obtained from the upper part of the thigh, quite lean. Great for steaks.
  • 14 Walnut / Big bowl , first category, excellent for steaks, stews and braised meats.
  • 15 Geretto , Upper part of the leg, the bone holes are obtained.

Cooking on bbq

Each cut can be offered with barbecue and grill cooking. Don't let the traditional use scare you. Study the type of meat and experiment!


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