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Are barbecue and grill the same thing? No, they are two different things:

  • It is grilled by quickly cooking the meat over the hot embers.
  • BBQ is done when cooking thanks to indirect heat, slowly and in the presence of smoke.

After this little clarification we can move on to say that there are 5 characteristics that characterize the BBQ:

  1. Slow cooking, from 2 to 12 hours.
  2. Meat cuts: in the BBQ, ribs and shoulder strips are used, which require marinating to reduce the dose of SALT.
  3. The marinade which is always made up of three elements: a part of fat, an acid part and aromas and whose basic recipe usually includes oil, brown sugar, sweet paprika, salt and pepper. add or substitute other elements such as mustard, cumin, garlic, chilli, beer, rosemary, sage and lemon.
  4. Sauces: there are different types but the ideal base is the red sauce with spicy tomato.
  5. What to drink: tradition calls for ice-cold beer, blonde or dark, as well as structured and persistent red wines. Today the BBQ is also accompanied by non-alcoholic drinks, carbonated water, watermelon and a few mint leaves.

New proposals

Today the most experts recommend cooking pizza, shellfish, paella and even fruit (such as pineapple) and vegetables (such as corn on the cob, aubergines, courgettes, onions and peppers) on the BBQ.




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