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By smoker we mean having a BBQ with a divided compartment or a real smoker. The important thing is that the structure must maintain a CONSTANT temperature to cook meat or fish for hours and hours.

barbecue smoker

The most used structure is the BBQ with smoker which is equipped with two grills or a single large grill with which you can also smoke. For those who prefer round grills there is the CLASSIC BBQ which smokes from the bottom up, grills and allows us not to spend hundreds of euros!

To smoke we need charcoal but as in all things there is charcoal and charcoal: there are very cheap ones made for restaurants, with zero or almost no dust formation, with very high yield and packaged in packs of at least 10 kg .!

On the other hand, you can use special charcoal such as special charcoal, pellets flavored with rosemary, sage, bay leaf, juniper, oregano and for the more sophisticated smokers, refined woods flavored with cherry, pecan nut and even whiskey!

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