Repair a door by replacing the broken glass

the interior doors

Replace glass

glass door broken

You must first remove from the frame glass fragments remained attached, possibly using a pair of rubber gloves.

It begins from those at the top, which are the most precarious to pass then to the other: it takes away the door from its hinges, resting on a working plane.

If the glass was inserted in grooves then remove the broken pieces and then purify the grooves with a small screwdriver.

The Existing stucco must be scraped off and must be removed any strips clamps, screwed or nailed. At this point it is necessary to take the measures of the plate (that must be of a couple of millimeters below those recorded for both have an easier insertion, is to leave a little game in anticipation of a possible expansion.

Get the new glass, which must obviously have the same thickness as the previous one, otherwise it is not possible to do this enter the groove.

put in place the glass, fixing it again with the strips.

For greater safety, if the glass is not tempered, you can siliconare the glass to the frame. This will retain the splinters in case of breakage.


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