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Before building a dog kennel it is necessary to evaluate the context in which it is inserted, in order to realize it coherent with the style of the property of the owner.

Let's see how to build a kennel for outdoor dogs to respond perfectly to the needs of the dog.

A wooden kennel is made up of large thick slats , making it an extremely robust structure that is resistant to adverse weather conditions.

The floor of the wooden doghouse consists of a grid , which rests on a washable surface . The kennel should be openable from above, to ensure the necessary cleaning operations.

The overturning movement of the roof , supported by appropriate compass hinges systems, fixed at the vertices allows easy inspection of the interior of the wooden kennel, so as to carry out periodic maintenance and disinfection of the interior.

dog kennel

A anti-rain roof , completes the functionality of the wooden dog kennel, ensuring greater durability to the elements.

Are available on the market, kits of modular elements ready-made and easily modular , to realize in a few simple moves, a doghouse in DIY mode. Or you can design and make your own custom-made dog.

If the dog needs a new cottage , or simply decides to place the animal outside in the garden, you inevitably find yourself facing the need for a strong, comfortable kennel to protect it from the weather of the winter climate and from the torrid summer heat.

A practical, simple and inexpensive alternative, can be to try your hand at building yourself , a home for our best friend.

For the construction of a house with a gabled roof: we will need 7 panels making up the house, of which 1 floor, 2 side walls, 1 rear wall, 1 front wall, 2 panels roof, as well as all the mounting screws.

Once the panels have been cut, it is advisable to arrange all the kennel's structural pieces in order, taking care not to lose the screws for the assembly of the various components.

To start the assembly correctly, you must first place the panel that will act as a floor of the kennel, on a flat surface. Then the rear wall of the kennel is placed on the floor, to join it with one of the two lateral walls , fixing it with at least 3 screws.

dog kennel

These must be inserted into the side wall at the reinforcement strip on the rear wall. Proceed in a similar manner for the other side wall and for the front side. After checking that the walls are correctly assembled, the walls to the floor can be fixed, again using screws.

The screws must be inserted in the base strip of the side walls, in order to ensure a firm fixing of the entire structure of the wooden doghouse under construction. To compose the protective cover of the house, the two slabs of the roof must be overlapped.

The smaller pitch of the roof must be positioned on one side of the kennel, taking care that the reinforcement strips enter the seats of the front and rear walls. The roof can be mounted more or less protruding with respect to the front wall, thus allowing the kennel to be placed against the walls and also allowing greater protection from rain . The result is a kennel designed for the comfort of the dog, marine plywood, or in Abete solid wood.

An inspectable, functional and practical dog kennel can be made tailored using 20 mm thick marine plywood. The marine plywood is resistant to water and humidity as a result, it can remain outdoors for a very long time, without the risk of deterioration. Better if we protect it, painting it, in any case. The kennel can be made up of a compartment with a higher side wall than the other, so as to result in a sloping roof, a single flap .

dog kennel

The roof is hinged with two brass hinges on the highest wall, so that it can be easily lifted , to access the interior and carry out the necessary cleaning and disinfestation of parasites. The measures of the kennel are to be determined in relation to the size of the dog: it is appropriate to have an internal compartment with such height and length that the dog can stand there. >

It is possible to create an insulating covering with Fiberglass panels, in order to protect the dog from cold or excessive summer heat, interposing the insulation between two wooden panels.

The lower outer part of the kennel must be equipped with support elements that distance it from the ground. On the roof, very thin Canadian tiles can be applied in bitumen colored in various shades.

To build an effective kennel suitable for your four-legged friend, you cannot ignore the creation of a project that takes into consideration its needs and characteristics.

dog kennel
  • First of all, it is necessary to design a tailor-made doghouse : the dog must be able to lie down comfortably inside and must be able to stand upright on all four legs without difficulty.
  • The entrance of the kennel, on the other hand, may be a little lower, to favor the preservation of the internal heat even during the winter, but without exaggerating: the dog must still be able to access easily to what will become his refuge. Precisely for this reason, the kennel does not have to present impediments or elements that disturb the dog's access: the entrance must be free of obstacles to favor the perception of the dog like of a protected, safe and easily accessible place.
  • If the kennel is designed to accommodate two dogs , it is advisable to make sure that there is enough space for both, to avoid conflicts and struggles for the territory. The ideal solution is that of two separate entrances , with the kennel also internally divided into two spaces of similar size.
  • Another shrewdness for the outdoor kennel, is to achieve a rise from the ground : a few centimeters will be sufficient, earned by positioning the structure on a few pallets or on a specially constructed platform. In this way, the thermal insulation will be significantly improved, avoiding direct contact with the frozen ground during the cold months. In winter, the kennel can be made warmer thanks to the arrangement of some rag or pillow inside.
  • You can also place a curtain at the entrance, making sure, however, that it does not become an element of disturbance for the animal: if it shows that it does not tolerate it, it is better to eliminate it and provide more warm the interior by adding material that does not prevent the view to the outside.

Proper dog kennel placement

Once the perfect bed has been made, the same attention will be paid to the choice of positioning . The arrangement of the kennel is important to ensure the welfare of the animal, but also the correct management of the relationship with him. In fact, the dog considers the leader of the pack who has control of access to the territory.

In order for the animal to continue to respect the hierarchical order and recognize the owner as a leader, the kennel must be placed in a place that does not allow the greater dog visibility on the driveway entrance , just like the owner of the house himself. In general, it is always good to make the dog feel safe , interposing an obstacle between his view and the access areas.

This will prevent the dog from considering itself hierarchically superior to its own master. Once a strategic area has been identified, it will be necessary to ensure that there is sufficient silence for the dog: the kennel positioning area must be quiet and slightly exposed , to allow the full serenity of the dog.

dog kennel

The noises , in fact, or frequent passages of vehicles or people, can easily be considered disturbing and make sure that the dog no longer considers the doghouse as a safe place in which to take refuge.

A repaired positioning will also allow you to avoid direct sun in summer and frost in winter. Near the kennel they will have to find place a bowl with fresh water and the bowl of food, to be collected after each meal.

It is better to avoid leaving the food always near the dog, preferring instead the arrangement of rations at regular intervals, so as to provide a healthy controlled diet.


Pipe holder in solid zebrano wood


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Paint and finish the wooden furniture


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Stop Block Cuts


Join and assemble wooden parts

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