Making drawers on guides

custom-made in mdf for the wolf's mouth register

Upon completion of the furniture we had previously made (see here, Wolf mouth box ) just missed the realization of the drawers. Robust, load-proof drawers where you can use screwdrivers and pliers for frequent use.

The material used is the economical and dimensionally stable MDF, but with the foresight to paint it with a protective lens against stains of grease and moisture which is the sworn enemy of this type of panel.

make DIY drawers

Drawer sizes

It is very important in this type of realization to calculate the drawer dimensions.

  • The maximum vertical dimension will be equal to the size of the room minus a sufficient tolerance, let's say 1/2cm in order to make the most of the depth of the drawer.

  • The maximum horizontal dimension will be equal to the size of the space minus the thickness of the two guides plus a tolerance of 3/4mm to adjust the sliding in case of need. If you have precisely built the drawer compartment .. a smaller tolerance will also suffice.

Drawer assembly

As you can see in the video, we used a fairly sturdy, 1cm thick bottom, given the use, alternatively you can also use plywood with smaller thicknesses, to the benefit of the drawer capacity.

To check the position of the banks we used the team and we put the terminals at 90 ° to keep everything in place during gluing. We then marked the position of the screws and screwed with fresh glue. This improves adhesion adhesion.

Planing and sanding drawer

We have eliminated the excess material on the sides of the drawer with a pass of plane and a light polished.

Not all donuts come out of the hole, but sometimes you can pierce them later!

Frontal painting and preparation

A fast painted with protective clearcoat. After stamping the front with the Mr. FaiDaTe logo, our supreme Master.

Then, preparation of the fronts, also to be cut to size, the same dimensions as the room minus a 3mm tolerance on each side, to avoid problems. Centering of handles and label holders with centering pre-hole which helps later when it will be applied to the actual drawer.

Touch of up, the corners in pendant with handles and label holders.

corner protections drawer faid


To avoid surprises, prepare yourself for the worst. Rugged drawer runners, screws tightened with metal retainer, bottom of the drawer more often. If the scenario of use is not the living room, do not use half measures, go there heavy.


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