Nuts Bolts and dowels

how to make mechanical assemblies for wood

recessed bolt

Bolting without protrusion

Compared to traditional bolting, the nut is recessed by making a wider hole. in this way there are no protruding elements. Clearly the thickness of the material must allow the recess and the length of the screw must be slightly lower than the total thickness of the materials to be joined.

Invisible bolting

In this case the head of the screw or bolt is recessed by making a hole of the head size so that it can penetrate into the material and then the assembly is inserted and glued a wooden plug which is then cut and flattened to make it invisible screw.

rounded bolt

Convex bolts

The domed head bolts are special bolts that do not have cuts on the head but that are held back during drafting makes a small square under the crowning that is completely embedded in the material after the bolt has been tightened and locked the rotation.

Reinforcing bolting

This is a bolting that is done on the corner of the structures through a triangular wooden profile that is joined to the tables that form the angle with bolts. This makes the piece of furniture more solid.

Wall anchors for wall mounting

Plastic anchor

After drilling a suitable diameter, insert the plug and screw it, expanding it compresses the surrounding material and guarantees the seal. For this reason it is important not to create holes that are excessively large with respect to the diameter of the dowel.


Metal anchor

Works with the same principle as plastic dowels only that it is suitable for bearing larger loads.

Butterfly anchor or anchor

It consists of a bolt at the end of which there are two metal wings that open automatically thanks to a spring once inserted into the wall. They guarantee a good seal but are only suitable for walls made of perforated bricks. To understand if the wall is suitable to beat with your hand, if it sounds empty, it is almost certainly a hollow brick.

Rosette anchor

Rubber models are also suitable for prefabricated and chipboard and prefabricated walls.


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