Veneered wood and laminated wood

differences and characteristics of the two finishes


What is wood veneer

Depending on the types, we can distinguish the block veneers useful for the realization of low-cost furniture and the laminated ones used for higher quality products.

In general they are made of wood and panels of various kinds covered with a layer of wood that is harder and more aesthetically prized.

What is laminated wood

laminated wood

Laminate is a very complex product created by impregnating wood with resins of different types (melamine-formol-phenolic).

Laminates are thin, very resistant sheets that are glued onto panels of different kinds.

These sheets have a very wide decorative range with designs that often mimic wood grain and provide resistance against scratches and are easily washable.

Phenolic adhesives

I particle board made with this type of adhesive make them more resistant to moisture and therefore suitable for outdoor use.


Properties of wood


Wood species


The cork


Core plywood and plywood


The chipboard


OSB Oriented Strand Board Panels

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