Drill and wood drill bits

equipment for drilling wood

electric drill

The choice of the drill

The drill must have sufficient power to perform the work and must also have the ability to adjust the rotation speed based on the type of point being used to not burn the wood.

Fundamental is that it is easy to handle and robust. that has a good grip.

The spindle must be robust and it is advisable to use the self-locking model that tightens us without the use of keys.

support trapaano column

Column support

Thanks to this type of support it is possible to fix a hand drill and use it like a column drill to make very precise and perfectly vertical holes.

Using the drill

Grip correctly, in a safe position so that you can not unbalance yourself.

Do not apply excessive force on the material to be drilled and allow the bit to cut the piece to be drilled without excessive friction.

iron tips

Tips for the carpenter

Helical tips

These are traditional drill bits that can pierce the wood as well, during rotation the shavings are ejected from the helical screw.

helical bits

Ears Forstner

They are the most precise and specific for wood and allow you to make clean and perfectly calibrated holes

screw tip

Screw tips

The countersunk for countersunk head screws are also drilled in a single hole.

Three-pointed ears

Ideal for tearing and compensated woods. they can also make blind holes

old wood

Throwing Ears

They are the cheapest and are suitable for rustic jobs.

Ears for hinges

They are specific to hinges because they are tailor-made.

mica regale ally

Adjustable Ears

They can drill holes from 16 to 70 mm

hole saw

Hole saws

They are drill bits for 3 to 12 cm holes, they too should be used at low speed


Drilling up to 20 cm can be used at low speed.


Bedani wood chisels and gouges


Hammer nails and screws


Makita MLT100 saw bench


Clamps and clamps for the carpenter


Plan the wood


Saw the wood

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