Repair degraded wooden windows and doors

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Repair the windows

A fairly common drawback is that of the window which, at a certain moment, begins to rub on the floor. The causes can be two. The wood has inflated due to humidity and in this case the window has to be removed and the lower end planeed in order to eliminate the swelling.

Or it is a yielding of the door due to a defect in the hinges. If these are slightly worn, in correspondence of the support, just insert the metal washers of adequate thickness into the rotation pin, mounted on the fixed frame; if, on the other hand, the hinges are deformed, all that remains is to reinforce them with the insertion of longer screws, or replace them.

Once this is done, however, another problem may arise: the lock no longer closes perfectly, because the nozzle on the fixed frame no longer matches the position of the bolt.

All that remains is to slightly lighten the lower part, or upper part, of this nozzle, so as to enlarge it just enough to allow the lock to enter easily.

Replace the glass

First remove the remaining glass fragments from the frame, possibly using a pair of rubber gloves. We start from the top ones that are the most dangerous to then pass to others: the window is removed from its hinges, resting it on a work surface. If the glass was inserted into the grooves, the broken pieces are removed and the grooves are then cleaned with a small screwdriver.

replace glass window

The existing grout must be scraped and any glazing beads, screwed or nailed must be removed.

At this point it is necessary to take the measurements of the slab (which must be a couple of millimeters smaller than those detected, both to have an easier insertion, and to leave a little 'play in anticipation of a possible thermal expansion and get the new one that, obviously, must have the same thickness as the previous one, otherwise you can not get it into the groove.

Put the glass in place, fix it again with the strips, or with the putty to be applied with the spatula; this must be finished by compressing it and smoothing it with a curved tool, or even simply with your finger, so as to give it a slightly concave shape. Before putting the window back in place, allow the grout to dry a little.


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