Measuring instruments and sign

thousand measures a cut

caliper compass


Attach to your wall the tools you use most frequently as screwdriver clamps, etc. pi & ugrave; the workspace is organized the better you will carry out the operations

Compass for making tea or for large rays

Set a nail in the center of the circumference, tie a string around it and put a pencil on the other end.

You will have made a DIY compass useful for marking large circumferences.

metal goniometer


Tool to measure the width of the angles.



Measurement tool for external and internal measurements. It can be a vernier with hands or digital. It has an accuracy of +/- 0.1 mm, but there are models that can also measure hundredths of a millimeter.

false team

False team

Consisting of two hinged slats, it can assume any reference angle.

bubble level

Spirit level or bubble

Thanks to an air bubble contained in a graduated cylinder, it is able to indicate horizontal and vertical.

gear team

Set square

The fixed Set square score 90 & deg; they are very useful for marking perpendicular cuts, the thinnest part is the blade while the other is the rod.

folding rule

Folding meter

A very practical meter, the wooden models allow you not to take advantage of delicate surfaces. For a correct reading of the measure it is important to have the meter placed on the surface on the surface.

flexible meter

Flexible meter

Very practical, it consists of a graduated metal tape that rewinds thanks to a spring.

scribble scribe

The graffitto or truschino

Compare the measurement and score on the fly. It is constituted by a rod at the end of which are fixed points and a stop that maintains the desired size


Nuts Bolts and dowels


Hammer nails and screws


Saw the wood


Milling the wood


Circular saw cutting with guide

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