Wood species

the most common types of wood in carpentry

  cedar wood   


Light orange colored sweet wood is used to build carcass panels and strips. The characteristic smell that emanates keeps insects away. As a finish we recommend shellac which limits its greasiness and enhances the grain. The furniture made of this essence is very delicate and can be easily scratched.

wood rate


Very nice wood is used from the 1600s in europe for furniture construction. It is the only sweet wood that resists steam bending. The finish recommended for this essence is that of beeswax.

wood fir


Fir wood refers to wood from a variety of different plants such as pine, larch, Swiss pine and Norway fir. A time not considered valuable today is instead appreciated for the realization of rustic furnishings.

chestnut wood


This wood must age for a long time to be suitable for making furniture, in fact the chestnut tree tends to move and split. At one time it was used to imitate oak and walnut and was widely used especially in central Italy.

oak wood


Very robust and impact-resistant wood is used for the construction of stairwells and barrels. He was also widely used in the Gothic period for the construction of furniture

elm wood


Suited for inlay work and the creation of chairs is a wood sensitive to moisture and woodworm. The elm is light brown and darkens with time

wood but apple tree


Given the small size of the trunk is used to make small objects. These hard and heavy woods absorb alcohol stains very well and the finish becomes very bright during the finish.

oak wood


Oak wood is sturdy and durable. This wood has very open pores and is suitable for wax or shellac finishing.

beech wood


Very sensitive to woodworm attacks, beech is a very hard wood suitable for the construction of rustic frames and chairs.

ash wood


Hard but versatile wood is easy to work with. It is mainly used for the construction of internal parts. It changes its color with time and in the restorations it is therefore very difficult to connect.

birch wood


Important wood for the history of design was used by Thonet for the realization of its furniture in steam-curved wood. Presents a thick veining and its veneer is used for the realization of quality furnishings.

cherry wood


Antique furniture manufactured in this wood with boards over 40 cm wide has a high value. The cherry tree is easy to work with and is very bright if finished with shellac or beeswax.

ebony wood


Very precious wood of black color and hard consistency. The real ebony furniture is very rare, it is often falsified with pear or sycamore wood impregnated with aniline.

wood mahogany


Among the finest woods there are several varieties such as Spanish mahogany, that of Central America. Difficult to find it is replaced with specially treated African woods.



Named in france "bois de rose", rosewood is a hardwood. It may come from Brazil or eastern India. It is difficult to work because it is very oily and fragile.

wood tek


Very water-resistant wood is used for the construction of naval bridges. Opaque appearance is ideal for the realization of modern furniture.

wenge wood


The species stuhlmannii from Mozambique is also marketed under the local name panga-panga. The wood is hard, heavy and durable even for outdoor use. The grain is very straight and tends to become brittle during processing.

walnut wood


European walnut is a very valuable and important wood in cabinet making. It has a hard but ductile consistency. Used since the '500 has high cost and is then used as a veneer.

zebrano wood


It comes mainly from Cameroon and Gabon. It is highly decorative and is generally used as a veneer because it tends to twist.


The chipboard


Core plywood and plywood


Properties of wood


OSB Oriented Strand Board Panels


Veneered wood and laminated wood


The cork

Portaombrelli design Luca Perlini


Portaombrelli design Luca Perlini

Attaccapanni equilibrio design Luca Perlini


Attaccapanni equilibrio design Luca Perlini

Letto baldacchino design Luca Perlini


Letto baldacchino design Luca Perlini

Tavolo cave design Luca Perlini


Tavolo cave design Luca Perlini

Attaccapanni Bitta set design Luca Perlini


Attaccapanni Bitta design Luca Perlini

Attaccapanni Bitta set design Luca Perlini


Poltrona Ozio design Luca Perlini

Portaombrelli design Luca Perlini

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