Restore an old wooden piece of furniture

repair the problems of time


The woodworms

Eliminating worms is an operation to be carried out with patience and accuracy. In fact, it is necessary to syringe (inject specific products) into each individual hole in depth so as to reach the pet.

After this first step it will be necessary to cover the cabinet with a plastic sheet for at least 24 hours in order to let the anti-woodworm products work.

If you later want to make the holes of the wormholes disappear, we can proceed in different ways:

  • We can fill them with wood sawdust impregnated with a sponge dampened with a very diluted solution of vinyl glue. Then we will pass with thin sandpaper to remove the excess.

  • If we are dealing with a few holes we can use some wax to repair the furniture that has to be melted on the hole with a lighter and made to pour into the hole. Also in this case we will cover (better with steel wool) the excess.

stained wood

The spots

Surface stains can be removed by gently grating the surface with a razor blade.

To perform a fine sanding we can then use cooking butter (it is not a joke) rubbing it on the surface until melting and then adding sifted ash.

Rubbing this slightly abrasive dough we will make an excellent sanding. At the end of the sanding we will use a soft rag soaked in turpentine to remove the dough.

To remove the imprints of the glasses, slightly wet the surface with alcohol. Then ignite the flame. The heat of the flame that lasts a few moments removes the signs of the glasses without burning the wood.

scratched wood

If the stains are persistent we will have to switch to a new painting.

Dents and scratches

The light dents of the wood can be made to come out using an iron on the surface. However, protect the surface with a cloth when you do this.

Small scratches on the paint can be smoothed with a cloth dampened with turpentine essence, which melting the paint slightly will erase them.


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