The chipboard

what it is, how it is produced typologies with characteristics


What is?

The chipboard panels are panels made of wood chips (fir mainly) glued and placed under pressure. There are different thicknesses.


Depending on the chip size of the type of glue used and the specific weight, there are different varieties of chipboard.


These types of panels are workable like solid wood, but special attention must be paid to junctions by reinforcing thorns and teams.

In milling operations it is necessary to use hardened steel or widia cutters because the glues in the panels tend to consume them.

During the painting phases it is important to seal the panels' heads with diluted vinyl glue because they would tend to absorb the paint a lot.

melamine faced chipboard

Veneered panels

They are particle board panels that have a particular surface finish being coated with PVC veneer or laminates.

If it is necessary to make a cut it is important to apply packing tape on the cut section because these panels tend to chip easily.


Properties of wood


The cork


Veneered wood and laminated wood


Wood species


OSB Oriented Strand Board Panels


Core plywood and plywood

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