Organize the carpenter's workshop

a clean organized and functional space

carpenter's workshop

Networks for hanging tools

Attach to your wall the tools you use most frequently as screwdriver clamps, etc. the more the work space is organized the better you will do the operations.

Work plan

Try to keep order to avoid accidents and improve the quality of work. Keep paints and flammable products away from sparks or flammable materials.

Fix the tools on the bench or on the ground when necessary, as in the case of grinding wheel, grinder, column drill or lathe.

Cabinets and containers

Use cabinets and containers where possible to preserve electrical tools and hardware (screws, nails, etc.) from dust.

Cleanliness, order and organization represent half of each work. Satisfying these conditions we will work in a safer environment and with better results.

work glasses

Security rules

Protect eyes from splinters when cutting with protective goggles.

Wear leather work gloves to protect your hands.

fire extinguisher

Put the mask on to avoid breathing dust remembering to replace it every day.

Use charcoal masks when using chemicals.

Use earplugs or an insulation cap when using noisy tools to avoid eardrum damage.

Keep a fire extinguisher always on hand to avoid fire.


Milling the wood


Nuts Bolts and dowels


Sanding the wood


Japanese saws

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