Plan the wood

all the tools to plan the wood

carpenter wood planer

The plane

The planer is made up of a block of wood with a metal blade held in place by a block of wedged wood. The projection of the blade from the block is adjusted according to the work to be performed. There are different types from those very small degrees a few centimeters used by luthiers to very large ones even a meter long.

plane wood planer


These are steel sheets with sharp edges that remove small chips from the surface and are used to finish surfaces or to remove paint residues without using paint strippers or abrasive paper.

wood electric planter

Electric planer

The electric planer mainly serves for roughing work and unlike a manual planer has the blades mounted on a rotating shaft driven by an electric motor. For a more accurate job, it is preferable to perform several passes by setting a smaller depth of cut.

industrial planer

Industrial planer

The industrial planes have an operation similar to the electric planes only in this case it is not the plane to slide but it is the planing piece that is passed inside the machine that through the blades mounted on a rotating shaft pave and thin the wood.


Hammer nails and screws


Drill and wood drill bits


Milling the wood


Drilling mask

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