Install or replace the skirting boards correctly

the errors to be avoided

The fixing systems

Skirting boards can be fixed with different systems, among them:

  • THE NAILS Through nailing, the skirting board is fixed with thin nails

  • DOWELS The profile is fixed with dowels and screws, the advantage is the ease of removal, but the installation is slower and more complex

  • GLUE Through the glue the skirting board is fixed by placing the right amount of glue and keeping it in place for a few moments

Tools and materials for laying

Use a special manual or electric saw for cutting skirting boards that integrate a clamp and a gognometer to measure the cutting angle.

It is virtually impossible to be able to accurately cut the skirting without the proper tools.

Glue for fixing

Use the appropriate assembler glues sold in cartridges that can be used with the silicone gun. This expedient facilitates work by allowing the precise amount of glue used to be adjusted.


Use thin nails paying attention, if you do not hit them well they could bend ruining the skirting board.

Pose errors

An accurate pose needs time and precision whatever technique you decide to adopt we see some classic errors.

  • DISTANCED JOINTS The beginning and end of the board are not coincident and remain of the open space.

  • error laying skirting
  • ANGLE CUT The skirting board must be cut angled so that the faces obtained from the cut match.

  • error laying skirting
  • DOOR DOOR The door jamb must coincide with the end of the profile without leaving space

  • error laying skirting


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