Perforated tool holder panels

all on sight quick access

Perforated tool panels

Making the most of our laboratory space by having quick access to our tools is a goal we can achieve by fixing perforated panels for metal hooks to the wall.

perforated panels

These will allow us to arrange our tools in the most comfortable way and being "in plain sight" we will be able to access them directly.

Pre-punched tool holder panels are available in stores in different sizes and materials. From metal to wood fiber wood. In this case, if we wanted to cover a large area, we used the cheap wood fiber panels.

To be able to insert the metal hooks, they must be fixed to walls by detaching them at least 2cm from the wall. We then mounted them on wooden support frames using screws.


These panels are not necessarily to be painted but in this case having already others we have preferred to repaint them all to make them look uniform.

For this reason all the panels have been lightly sanded with a rotary orbital sander with 120 sandpaper to make the surface rough and therefore more adherent to the subsequent painting.


Remember to dust and degrease (with a thinner cloth) the surface well before painting.

painted perforated panels

Spray painting is more rapid and more uniform, in this case the previously prepared surface has been painted with solvent enamel.

Try to adjust the gun on discarded pieces, the passes must be regular, start spraying just off the surface you want to paint and do not stop it until you leave the piece. Outside-Inside-Outside. If necessary a second hand do the same crossing the direction of the past.

perforated toolholder panels


Paint and finish the wooden furniture


Wooden box


Join and assemble wooden parts


I will build a dog kennel


Glue the wooden parts


Stop Block Cuts

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