Circular saw cutting with guide

straight and aligned cuts

To make a really straight cut with a hand-held circular saw we will need a guide.

As a guide we can use any material available that is sufficiently straight. An aluminum corner piece, a square panel, a strip.

guide circular saw cut

This reference will be fixed in position considering the distance of the blade from the edge of the circular saw cutting plane.


Consider that the distance between the blade and the edge of the circular that will rest on the guide is 10cm.

We will then position the guide 10cm from the edge of the cut we want to make.

Fix the piece and the guide in a solid way, with some clamps. Now it can be cut

guide circular saw cut

Stop Block

In the case of multiple cuts in series, place a stop against which the piece to be cut is beaten. You can make cuts in series without repeating the measurement and without marking the cut on the piece.


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