Repair a rolling shutter

how it is made and how to fix it

The components of a shutter system

  • THE GUIDES inserted in the masonry or in the window frame allow the slats of the shutter to slide smoothly

  • IRRIGIDIMENTS are placed inside the plastic slats to avoid excessive flexion of the slats under the action of the wind

  • END OF STROKE are little cylinders or small squares fixed to the outside on the last stick and serve as a block

  • CASSONE container placed above the window frame where the roller shutter is wrapped

  • CASSETTE contains the spring mechanism called winder to retrieve the belt

  • BELT along with the pulley used to wrap/unroll the shutter

  • WRAPPER mechanism characterized by a spiral spring used to collect the belt

  • ROLLER hexagonal metal profile on which the ribs wrap

  • STECCHE joined together make up the mobile closure

  • SUPPORTS equipped with ball bearings constrain the rotation of the roller and bear the weight of the slats

  • PULLEY applied to the axle collects the belt, there are reductions for heavy shutters

  • ATTACK BAND is a strap that connects the battens to the roller

exploded shutter system

The belt must be replaced

First of all, open the box, rewind the shutter and lock it so that it cannot unroll (a screwdriver between the slats and the box for example). Now remove the belt from the pulley, open the winder by unscrewing the plate screws and remove the belt. Replace it by checking that the new one is the same length as the old one. Reassemble the winder by pretensioning the spring in order to recover the belt and connect it to the pulley on the roller.

The strap does not rewind

The reel spring has probably decided to abandon us, you can try increasing the tension by making a few more turns before reconnecting the belt or replacing the reel directly.

I have replaced the belt but a lowered shutter advances a piece

The belt is too long, consider how much and cut off the excess.

There is a broken cue

You will have to let the roller shutter unfold and disconnect the binding straps, at this point it is possible to remove the roller shutter from above to replace the damaged slats.


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