Makita MLT100 saw bench

review, unboxing and trial video

The packaging is well studied and protective, very qualitative the box with logo and product prints. Upon opening we find all the accessories in a separate packaging, including:

    • Suction adapter
    • Push stick
    • Goniometer, whose sliding guide is made of metal, but has a lot of play with the channels on the top, which can be improved.
    • Square in transparent 90 ° and 45 ° reference plastic

    I place the tool and study the instruction booklet with very clear illustrations. The materials used to make the painted zamak for the main desk , I would have preferred the use of die-cast aluminum. The green base is made of plastic, great for lightening the tool.

  • The extension of the counter top is in sheet metal. The ruler guides are in extruded aluminum as well as the telescopic plane . The telescopic plane guides are not very precise, they have a lot of play, they must be adjusted.

    Cute the binder for blade locking keys, discs and square placed on the left side of the base, it is disassembled by unscrewing a knob.

  • The power supply wire collects on the back quickly for transport. Also for transport, note the handles on the side of the counter top.

    The object in total approx. 34 Kg is quite heavy , not easy to transport in short, but in case of need it is possible to move it even without a trolley.

    Let's look at the video of the unboxing of the Makita MLT100 bench saw .


    • Telescopic plane movement in extruded aluminum, adjustable with stops in extensions and return that can be activated individually.
    • Engine brake , the blade rotation is stopped for greater safety.
    • Goniometer , to make angled cuts.
    • Cut lock , easily operated by lever.
    • Expandable Plan , for more support.
    • Adjustable depth of cut with crank.
    • Blade angle adjustable from 90° to 45° continuously with knob.

    Technical data:

    • Power consumption 1500 Watts
    • Speed 4300 rpm
    • Size lxwxh 766 x 660 x 330 mm
    • Cable length 2.5 m
    • Weight 34.1 kg
    • Blade Ø diameter 260 mm
    • Attachment hole blade 30 mm
    • Inclination max engine Sx / Dx 45 0 º
    • 90 ° cut 93 mm
    • 45 ° cut 64 mm


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