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Stop Block Cuts

one misure oen hundred cuts

To speed up cutting operations on homogeneous materials it is often possible to create a stop that sets the measurement. This practice consists of creating an initial setting for the cut so that it is no longer necessary to mark the measurement of the piece to be cut.

The material will be stopped in support of the block, in this way you will always get equal cuts, in series.

  • Mount the catch with a clamp, if the tool has not already incorporated it.
  • Check the measurement with the meter, the measurement will be from the edge of the blade to the stop block.
  • Make a test cut and check the measure on the piece. If everything is ok you can start the series otherwise return to the previous point.

Cuts, always be alert


As we saw in the movie, even in release from the cut, there may be dangers, so always alert.


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