Drilling mask

repetitive drillings with column drill

Drilling masks allow you to create a series of identical pieces. These specially made templates allow the piece to be placed without having to mark the position of the holes, making the work faster and more uniform.

The prepared drilling template will be used to make all the holes in the series by simply repositioning it under the column drill.

The mask is fixed to the drill plane while the piece can be held in position by quick clamps that facilitate positioning


In this case the mask is made with a MDF cutout panel and two strips fixed with screws to the panel itself. The work thus set up is of the "assembly line" type, simple and repetitive actions. In short, Fordism applied to FaiDaTe.

This reduces errors as well as the times.

drilling in series

Cup Tip

For large diameter holes, the cup tip is the most practical choice, let's equip ourselves with a good quality one, fixed shaft and cups that are screwed to the interchangeable shaft.

This model that "does not come apart" is more reliable and avoids unpleasant incidents.

cup tip on drill column


Sanding the wood


Plan the wood


Nuts Bolts and dowels


Stones for sharpening


Drill and wood drill bits


Makita MLT100 saw bench

Portaombrelli design Luca Perlini

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