Pipe holder in solid zebrano wood

notch of the pipe holder with chisel

Realization of a pipe-holder from a block of solid zebrano wood. The carving is enhanced by natural streaks. The wood is very hard and compact and is therefore ideal for carving.

  • Mark the shape of the notch to be made and evaluate the depth in relation to the thickness of the wood.
  • Start digging the piece with the wood chisel from the center of the hole to be made.
  • Expand and refine the shape of the break-in gradually.
  • Carefully sand the surface.
pipe holder zebrano solid wood

After a fine sanding, the wood was protected with linseed oil and anti-scratch feet were affixed.

Carving zebrano wood

The tree is found throughout Equatorial Africa with a preponderance, however, in Camerurn and Gabon. The latter country is also the largest exporter of wood.

The specific weight at 15% humidity is 730 kg/m3.

In general, zebrano wood can be worked well with all the tools used in carpentry.

Few woods such as zebrano are affected by the ups and downs of fashion, perhaps because of its too evident grain which nevertheless has excellent decorative qualities.

Zebrano was widely used in the production of furniture around the 1930s, now it is making a comeback.

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