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Milling the wood

all tools for milling wood

wood cutter

Shaped cutters

The shaped drills allow to create profiles with grooves or special moldings to create joints or aesthetic decorations. It is important to choose cutters of good quality and adequate to the material to be milled to have a clean and flawless cut. there are tungsten carbide burs, in chrome steel or vidia used to process plywood and plywood laminated plastic parts.

cylindrical shaped wood cutters

Cylindrical drills

The cylindrical drills make joints and grooves with angles of 90 °. Care must be taken to ensure that only the cutting part of the cutter is in contact with the wood without creating unnecessary friction.

bench milling cutter

Trimming cutters

They are special types of milling cutter designed for the processing of melamine laminates and ants that do not chip the plastic parts and leave the edges perfectly finished.


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