The dangers of the electric current

what are the effects on the body

electric danger symbol

The danger of electricity comes from the current that crosses our body can create serious damage.

Low intensity and durability has no effect or damage.

Higher intensity, depending on the duration, may have different effects. For this reason a table has been drawn up with the levels of danger:

  • Level 1, under 0.5 mA the current is not sensed. (consider that a 15 W light bulb absorbs 70 mA, even in the house the current is always a potential danger).
  • Level 2, 10 mA current is perceived but does not cause damage.
  • Level 3, current from 25 mA to 80 mA, begins with tetanus phenomena (involuntary contraction of the muscles), heart problems and respiratory difficulties.
  • Level 4, over 80 mA the heart goes into fibrillation and the body is burned.
electric shock

Turn off the power, always!

Do not have any uncertainties, even to change a light bulb, always remove the current.

Unplug the appliance and never work with wet feet, if you can not do otherwise, try to isolate yourself from the ground by climbing on wooden boards, chairs, or tables.

In the event of a person being disturbed, remember to disconnect the power to prevent further damage or to use lucky tools to isolate them as wood or plastic objects.


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