Operation Friogorifer Thermostat

how it is done and how the thermostat works

The operation of the thermostat depends on the correct functioning of the refrigerator, when in fact this tends to cool too much or too much of the guilty in most cases it is just the thermostat.

The thermostat is a mechanically and partially electrical device, an element inside it expands and contracts according to the internal temperature of the refrigerator internal cooling coil.

This allows a set of leverages fitted with calibration screws to open and close the electric circuit that circulates the refrigerator compressor and consequently cools the internal compartment of the refrigerator.

Repair the refrigerator yourself

In the previous article, we explain how you can replace the thermostat yourself in the event of a malfunction, but if you wonder what it is inside you just have to look at the following video where we disassemble a thermostat to see how it works.

refrigerator thermostat

From the thermostat comes out of a metal tube ending with the heat-sensitive bulb.

refrigerator thermostat

Here is the room that is dilated by leveraging and then closing the electrical circuit.

refrigerator thermostat

The detail of the room connected inside the thermostat.

refrigerator thermostat

The leverage on which the dilating body acts.

refrigerator thermostat

Crankshaft Screws.

refrigerator thermostat

Electrical contact calibration screw.

refrigerator thermostat

The calibration screw viewed from the inside acting on the electrical contact

refrigerator thermostat

The thermostat completely disassembled.


Repair the fridge, defective thermostat

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