Create a new socket box

create a new line and a new enclosed box

electrical outlet box

To make a new box of receipts you will need a number of tasks to be done with expertise.

If you have any doubts about your abilities you avoid proceeding and let a professional do.

  1. Always remove the current before working on the system.

  2. Open the trunking box and locate the phase, neutral, and ground wires to connect to create the new line

  3. Create a "trace" burst to pass the flexible corrugated tube (where the cables will pass) that connect the box to the new box holder

  4. Incase the holder box and close and fill the trace

  5. Pass the cables with the help of the flexible spring

  6. Connect the wire to the wire and the fruit into the new holder box

  7. Fix the "fruits" on the fruit plate and close the box

Remember that this operation modifies the electrical system and must be done with care.

plasterboard recessed box

Attach a box to the plasterboard

To create a new box on a plasterboard wall you will need to use special boxes.

These boxes should be installed by using two large holes and secured by special straps.


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