Replace an electrical plug

how to replace a plug or grip

The plug connects electrical appliances to the electrical system.

For this reason it is important that it is in perfect condition to ensure the proper operation of the appliances and the domestic plant.

Plugs over time and use may worn or break, in these cases it is advisable to prevent the plug by replacing the plug with a suitable one that is to be used.

To do this, it is sufficient to disconnect the plug from the system and cut off the electrical cable near it.

three wire electric cable

Then with a scissor, better than an electrician, you will have to open the cable to expose the wires it contains. You will find three wires, one brown, one blue and one yellow-green (ground).

prepare plug replacement cable

Always use the scissors to push the sheath that protects the wire core core and twist the same hunger by turning it so that the fibers making up the wire are more compact.

prepare copper cable

Now disassemble the new plug by unscrewing the cover, pass the cable gland and the stopper.

change electrical plug

Now connect by screwing the threads to the tooth of the plug, making sure to keep the yellow-green in the center. Importantly, copper should not be too long, protruding or touching other plug teeth for any reason.

Put it back in place, hold the stopper and close the shutter.

Warranty on household appliances and plugs

For many household appliances, the manufacturer's warranty is dropped if the plug is replaced. For this reason is better not to modify the plug but make the electrical outlet of your electrical system.


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