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build a table lamp

To make a 'ready made' table lamp, that is made with common objects, I propose to use a bottle of champagne or prosecco, one of those beautiful heavy glass wine bottles. Maybe you could use a bottle used for a special toast, it would be a way to keep a memory.

In any case, any glass bottle that has a certain weight is fine.

As a lampshade I decided to use the body of a spotlight that I recovered. It seemed to go well with the bottle, but you could also use a classic fabric shade or maybe use other items like a metal colander .. a bowl. Let yourself be inspired by the shape of the objects!

diamond drill bit

So let's see how to proceed. In this case to drill the hole necessary to pass the electric cable to the bottom of the bottle you will need to get a diamond drill bit (diameter 8mm).

Despite the synthetic diamonds of which it is studded it does not cost much. These tips are normally used to drill hard materials such as stoneware tiles instead of common widia wall bits because they could chip.

So if you haven't already, remember that the tip will also be useful for other jobs.

The drilling steps are:

  • Choose the location of the hole based on the shape of the bottle.
  • Find a stable support for the bottle, perhaps on a folded rag.
  • Mount the tip on the drill and verify that you have removed the striking effect.
  • Don't be reckless. Wear protective gloves and goggles.
  • Start drilling without pressing hard, be gentle and sprinkle water on the hole.

It is important that you don't get too hot for friction, so take breaks from time to time. If you do it calmly, there is no danger of the bottle breaking.

passage ready made lamp cable lamp holder connection ready made

Once the hole has been made, pass the wire to which you have mounted the switch and the plug (there are also already wired versions on the market).

Now all that remains is to fix the lampshade. If you use a traditional lampshade it will be fixed directly on the lamp holder by means of a ring nut. Then use the cork stopper as a fixture for the lamp holder, drilling it in the center. Connect the lamp holder. The electrical part is done.

In this case, instead, the lamp holder is fixed to the metal body, so I will take advantage of this advantage and fix the lampshade to the neck of the bottle through a suitably bent steel wire. A bit laborious but not so difficult, and here the lamp is ready.

passage ready made lamp cable lamp holder connection ready made


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