Voltage and electric current

What are things are created

corrente elettrica tensione

Electricity is like a flow of water that passes through things always following the path of lesser strength.    

Current is caused by the naked eye invisible movement of some electron-generated particles.    

As water flows through gravity from top to bottom, current flows into materials that, by their characteristics, allow current to pass more easily.    

Other materials instead of creating more resistance to current passage and therefore are called insulators are: wood, rubber, plastics, glass.    

The voltage measurement unit is the volt whose symbol is a capital V

flusso tensione elettrica

Electric intensity    

Voltage tells us what is the power of the current stream.    

As water passes from A to B creating a stronger first flow to level up, so current passes and voltage is given by the difference in height between the two communicating levels.    

The more will be the level of electrical potential, the higher the voltage will be.    

The unit of measure the electric intensity is the amp whose symbol is a capital A .

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