Diverters and inverters

to control a light lamp from several points

reverser diverter

If you want to turn on an electrical device, such as a two-point lamp in the same room, we can do it simply by using switches , you can find by clicking here the functioning scheme .

If we want three or more than three commands instead?

It will be possible, but we will need inverters in addition to our diverters. Inverters work as a double diverter.

The inverter works by precisely reversing the connections then interrupts or opens the phase line by turning the light on or off.

So we could add all the inverters we want on the same line and it will continue to work.

diverters reversers turn on lamp wiring diagram

Buttons and relays

There is also another possibility to switch our lamp on from several points, that is, using command buttons and a relay. This electromechanical device will in fact be controlled by the buttons and will always connect and disconnect the line from the same point.

The relay makes a characteristic noise when activated, a click, so even without inspecting the system we can simply understand how this was accomplished.


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