Electrical circuit

passage of current

circuito elettrico corrente continua

Because there is a passing of the current from a point A to a point B, there is not enough difference in potential.

It means a means ie; something through which the current can pass.

Let's remember that the electric current always follows the path of less resistance so the circuit will bring the current from A to point B via the link.

scossa elettrica elettrostatica

Take the shock, close the circuit

If we close our body with a circuit, the current will pass through our body.

This can be very dangerous if the current is intense and takes a long time.

In case of instantaneous we do not run dangers, as in the case of electrostatic shocks.

Everyone has touched the car on a windy day and feeling the shock, this is because the body is loaded electrostatically but being isolated from the ground by the car tires when we close the circuit the current passes through our body.


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