Color rendering indicator

the light quality produced by the lamp

The lamps are not all the same.

Depending on the operating technology they create a light source that has different characteristics:

color rendering indicator light color
  • The LED's acronym for Light Emitting Diode . The device uses the optical properties of some semiconductor materials to produce light, but they are highly efficient, but create a very white and intense light.

  • Incandescent lamps with the Joule effect make a tungsten filament glowing. Light produced is of good quality but much energy is needed to produce the same amount of light produced by other light sources.

  • Halogen lamps work on the same principle as incandescent but are filled with a gas that protects the filament from consumption and it runs for longer, and also have a greater light output.

  • Neon lamps, including those compact low-energy lamps, are filled with a gas that is triggered and becomes fluorescent and thus creates light. These lamps have great energy efficiency at the expense of the quality of the chromatic rendering.

CRI color rendering indicator

The incandescent lamps have a low energy efficiency, in return for a good chromatic yield.

The best in this regard are the halogen lamps.

Neon lamps including low power compactors do not have high chromatic rendering but have high energy efficiency.


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