Mount wall usb power supply

wall mounted installation

Universal Serial Bus (USB) sockets contain a standard serial communication standard that allows you to connect multiple devices to a computer.

The advantage that USB wall sockets offer us is to connect technology devices without using the dedicated power supply, recharging them using only one cable.

Before performing any work on the system, always remove the power by unplugging the main switch. Here's what you need

  • Screwdriver looking for stage or traditional flat-head
  • Electric scissors, if needed
use wall charger

Difficulty and cost

The wall outlet also called "fruit" will be found online or in electrical goods stores. Beware of USB Charger and do not just take it because it's two different things.

Installation is not complicated, we can do it great by yourself, without the help of an electrician, just follow safety procedures.

Check the circuit breaker series before purchasing a replacement socket, such as Bticino, living or Vimar ...

wall usb usb

Here's how to proceed:

  • Unplug the system
  • Remove the slide and unscrew the screws, support, usually there are two
  • Unplug the old power supply wires by unscrewing the terminals
  • Place the new socket in the media and connect the wires to the new socket
  • Close light point and current to plant

Easy not? now connect your device and the game is done.


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