High voltage, transport of electricity

three-phase current and electrodes

To carry electricity through the electrodes what kind of current would you choose?

To make the right choice, you should consider that power depends on the product of two sizes, V, and current I .

P = V x I

If we need to transport 100W of power we could choose from:

1 volt with 100 amps

100 volts with 1 amp

However, remembering the Joule effect that is, that with high current there is a heating of the cables so to save The high voltage must be used for cable construction.

trellis electrode

Why the electrical trusses have at least four wires

Electrodes carry three-phase current, so they have three wires.

The fourth cable at the top of the trestles on which they often see flags for aircraft is actually a horizontal lightning guard to protect the underlying cables.


First Aid electrocution


The external electrical system


Grounding system


The dangers of the electric current


The italian law

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