Grounding system

a fundamental and indispensable precaution

ground wiring harnesses

What is the grounding system?

The grounding system serves to avoid dangerous situations.

It may happen that the electrical isolation for some faults is lost and that the metal parts of any electrical appliance can transmit current.

The way to get rid of this risk is to connect the metal parts to the ground (zero potential) to avoid being struck by the current.

Realize the grounding system

ground plan plant layout

The system is made up of a series of electrical wires (yellow-green) connected to each system socket converging into a sink.

The sink is nothing more than a metal pole inserted deep into the ground.

Every home appliance must be set up to connect to the electrical system.

plug socket grounding


In the thorns the central tooth is earthed contact, which should never be removed to avoid eliminating this protection to our safety.


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