Short circuit

when you have a short circuit

short circuit board

Technically, there is a short circuit when the phase cable and the neutral cable are in contact.

This can happen due to malfunctions or malfunctions of the electrical system.

In order to avoid injuries, you will need to avoid:

  • Touch electrical sources or electrical appliances with wet hands.

  • Use electric appliances (eg phon) near the water

It is important to remember that the current always follows the path of less resistance, and that with wet hands and feet the resistance of the human body decreases.

If a strong current crosses the body can cause serious damage, such as burns of heart and lungs and then death for asphyxiation.

short circuit fire

Collateral Damage

The danger in short circuit cases can be due to the fact that in the presence of the short one there is a sudden exponential increase in current that can increase the cable temperature up to 1000 degrees.

This can cause burns or fires and the fusion of the same copper that constitutes the cables.


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