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Every time we turn on an electric light we create a light source that being different from the solar one has different characteristics.

artificial light color rendering

In addition to the strength of the light source light, which depends on the power and type of light bulb, we must keep in mind another factor. Depending on the type of light bulb we will obtain a different color rendering.

Each color comes from the reflection of the light that affects the surface of the object. If the light striking it has a different light spectrum you will get different colors.

So besides the use we need to make light of, what action we need we need to consider what consistency in color rendering we need.

Halogen lamps have excellent color rendering, fluorescents have a high luminous efficiency but have low chromatic rendering, incandescent lamps create a yellowish light.

light temperature


  • The Flow is the amount of light emitted and is measured in lumens

  • Illumination is the luminous flux per square meter and is measured in lux (lumens for m²)

  • Brightness is the ratio of energy consumption to light emitted (lumens per W)

  • Color Temperature is measured in degrees Kelvin and refers to the type of light emitted by a warm body


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