Repair the fridge, defective thermostat

when the thermostat does not work can be replaced

refrigerator thermostat

When the refrigerator does not cool or cool too much, this is a malfunction of the thermostat that regulates the internal temperature and turns the refrigerator on and off.

It can be easily replaced with a small expense (from 30 to 90 €)

In most cases, a replacement can be found, in spare parts stores or on the internet via the code and the model of the fridge.

label model refrigerator

The refrigerator code is found inside the fridge, on a label that is often hidden behind the vegetable trays.

In addition to the specific thermostat models, there are also generic, compatible with a wide range of refrigerators. These often have a lower price.

What is the thermostat?

The thermostat is a component consisting of a switch controlled by a temperature sensitive element. Often it can be set to set a given operating temperature of the device to which it belongs.

It consists of a metal part from which comes a temperature setting rod and a metal tube ending with the bulb, which reads the temperature and is often in contact with the bottom of the refrigerator compartment.

In the following video you will see how it is done inside.

How to replace the thermostat

We follow these simple replacement instructions carefully:

  • To replace the thermostat we must first unplug the refrigerator to work safely.

  • fridge thermostat
  • Then we have to locate it inside the fridge compartment. It is normally located near the bulb inside the compartment, inside a plastic box that accommodates the thermostat, the bulb and the light bulb switch at the opening of the door.

  • We must then remove the box from the wall of the compartment and open it.

  • Remove the adjusting wheel by pulling it and unscrew the fixing bolt below.

  • Now we can disconnect the thermostat from the electrical contacts.

  • We tighten the bulb from the bottom of the fridge and retrieve the metal tube to which the bulb is attached.

  • At this point we can completely remove the malfunctioning thermostat from the fridge.

  • Take the spare we've got, and gently wrap the metal tube, making sure not to create too narrow bends that would cushion the section and compromise the proper functioning of the new thermostat.

  • Reconnect the new thermostat and set up control and bulb at the bottom of the refrigerator.

  • Now we close the plastic box and put it back.

  • Refill the fridge to the electric line.

  • Repair Completed!


Operation Friogorifer Thermostat

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